Meet The Team – Ricky, Digicall Assist, Shift Supervisor

Meet Ritwik, better known as “Ricky” to his team mates, one of Digicall Assist’s Shift Supervisors. Ricky is a highly valued member of the team, who can be counted on to keep his cool, when things get hectic.

How long have you been working at Digicall Assist?

Over two years now. Prior to Digicall Assist I was working at Hungry Jacks for around 8 years, so it was quite a transition for me into a totally different industry. I was a Restaurant Manager there, having worked my way up from being part of the crew.

What do you do?

It’s not a standard job every day. It varies depending on the business requirement. Some days its working on whatever is happening with calls on that shift, including monitoring calls and helping the team on the floor, giving them enough support. On those days I could be handling escalation calls, or interacting with the provider network, especially for customers in regional areas, making sure we can get a provider to them quickly.

I’m then often handling urgent calls, say something like a child being locked in car, which is critical, so ensuring that we are staying in control of the call and situation at all times and making sure everything goes well.

Other days, I might work on various projects that are happening in the business. I might be working with payroll, other days analysing data, or gathering information to help with training processes or giving support to management as well. It really is different every day.

What’s the best thing about your job?

The best thing is the satisfaction I get from helping people in need. It’s making sure that the customer is not stuck on the side of the road in a stressful situation for too long. Especially say elderly motorists or where there’s a life-threatening situation. It’s making sure everything is fine and that everyone is treated in the same way with a high level of support. The other thing I love about my job is the people I work with, they are a lovely bunch of people, it’s often them that make my day, and make coming in to work worthwhile.

What’s been the most rewarding experience whilst working at Digicall Assist?

It’s hard to pick one as there’s been many. If I have to pick one though, it would be from when I initially started. I was a Customer Service Consultant, and I was still just learning my current role and developing my skills. At that time management quickly recognised that even though I was new to the business they could see I had potential, they gave me the responsibility of developing new team members and helping train them. It was great to be acknowledged so early in my time at Digicall Assist.

What are you famous for?

The most common thing people recognise in me is that I’m good at staying calm and composed during a stressful situation and handling the pressure. All the staff are comfortable approaching me to discuss their concerns regardless of what their problem is. I’m the cool, calm and collected guy!