Digicall Assist’s Provider Excellence Awards recognise our most outstanding roadside assistance providers across Australia.

Every day our network of mechanics and tow truck operators assist customers at the roadside, often under challenging conditions.

The Provider Excellence Awards highlight some of their incredible work and how they deliver an exceptional customer experience to broken-down motorists.

Some awards are national. Some are based on the state each Provider operates in, with the smaller states and territories grouped together. There are also three awards recognising individual Providers.

Award Categories


  • Best Provider (Emerging Partner)
  • Best Provider (Growth Partner)


  • Above and Beyond (Metro)
  • Above and Beyond (Regional & Remote)
  • Best Individual Provider


  • Fastest Tracked Job
  • Fastest Provider
  • Best Mystery Shop Results
  • Best Provider

Who is Eligible?

Digicall Assist’s 1300+ network of Providers is automatically included in the Awards. As part of Digicall Assist’s Provider community, you don’t need to do anything, other than ensure your business is up to date with the standard set of Provider compliance requirements.


For the state-based awards, the smaller states and territories are grouped together, as follows:

  • ACT, NT, Tasmania and South Australia
  • New South Wales
  • Queensland
  • Victoria
  • Western Australia

That means there are five state groups, and a total of 17 Awards.

Key Dates

  • The Awards program is based on calendar year performance, from 1 January – 31 December 2021.
  • Judging and number-crunching takes place in January 2022.
  • Winners are announced at a virtual event in March 2022.

Judging criteria

Organisational Awards

Best Provider (Emerging and Growth Partner)

  • This award is judged on each Provider organisation’s overall CSAT score and their overall digital case management for 2021.
  • The CSAT score is determined solely by customer feedback and the rating they give based on their experience. For the digital case management. we’re looking for accuracy, consistency and completeness in the way each job is handled with your digital app.
  • There are two categories for each state group – those Providers with higher job volumes (Growth Partners), and those with lower job volumes (Emerging Partners).
  • For larger Provider organisations with multiple technicians, each technician’s score collectively contributes to the overall organisational CSAT rating.
  • Hot tip: Deliver exceptional customer service and ask each customer to provide feedback. Follow the digital processes and tools every time. This includes: accept the job, provide an ETA, activate ‘In Transit’, and complete the task with photo uploads and sign off.

Quickest Tracked Job

  • This award is judged on the fastest completed job, from Acceptance to Onsite to Clear Scene.
  • Hot tip: Accept jobs promptly, get to the scene as quickly as safe to do so, use the App correctly each step of the way.

Fastest Provider

  • This award is based on the overall average tracked speed across all jobs, from acceptance to completion, throughout the year.
  • Hot tip: Accept jobs promptly, get to the scene as quickly as safe to do so, use the App correctly each step of the way.

Best Mystery Shop Results

  • This award is judged on the highest Provider organisation’s score across 2021’s mystery shopping campaign.
  • Hot tip: Treat every customer as you would like to be treated.

Best Provider

  • This is the national winner, out of the state-based winners.

Individual Awards

Best Individual Provider

  • This award is judged on the overall 2021 CSAT score for each individual operator across the Provider community.
  • The CSAT score is determined solely by customer feedback and the rating they give based on their experience.
  • Hot tip: Deliver exceptional customer service and ask each customer to provide feedback!

Above and Beyond (Metro and Regional/Remote)

  • This award goes to the individual Provider who goes above and beyond in challenging circumstances to provide the very best customer experience possible.
  • Hot tip: Difficult circumstances allow us to rise to the occasion and demonstrate our values of integrity, respect, excellence and ownership.

FAQs for Providers

Why has Digicall Assist created the Awards program?

Digicall Assist’s 1300+ network of roadside assistance providers is a critical part of getting broken-down motorists back on the road. Car breakdowns are unpredictable — they can happen at any time, in any place and in any conditions. A great roadside assistance provider is skilled, adaptable, and willing to go above and beyond, no matter the circumstance. The annual Awards program allows us to recognise and celebrate the best performers and those who best support Digicall Assist’s mission to deliver exceptional customer experience. We believe their great work should be celebrated.

What are the benefits of being recognised as an outstanding Provider through these awards?

Being recognised as one of the top Providers by Digicall Assist means you are acknowledged as the best of the best in the roadside assistance industry. Along with the honour and credibility this entails, winners get a certificate and trophy to proudly display, as well as being promoted across media, social media and Digicall Assist’s website. Finalists also get a certificate and their exceptional work highlighted on Digicall Assist’s website and social channels. Winners and finalists get a Winner or Finalist logo they can use in their own communications.

FAQs for clients and media

What does a roadside assistance provider typically do?

Roadside assistance providers – such as mechanics and towing services – are on the frontline of roadside assistance, dealing with broken-down motorists face to face. They are often the final step in getting the car safely back on the road again. They have solid motor vehicle expertise, along with excellent customer service, adaptability and safety compliance. Diagnosing, repairing and mobilising vehicles can be tricky — and sometimes risky. Our roadside assistance providers get up close and personal with heavy machinery, often in busy traffic conditions. They must be able to stay calm, confident and compliant under pressure.

Where do roadside assistance providers operate?

Roadside assistance providers operate all across Australia – city CBDs, suburbia and towns, and throughout regional and remote areas. Most breakdowns happen within 10km of a service provider, but sometimes breakdowns happen in remote parts of Australia, without phone coverage or nearby help.

In these challenging situations, our roadside assistance teams do whatever it takes to assist a stranded customer.

How do roadside assistance providers use technology to improve the customer experience?

The technology starts at the contact centre when a broken-down motorist calls in. Our sophisticated systems mean that one third of vehicles are mobilised over the phone – so the motorist is back on the road a few minutes after making the call. For cars that need hands-on assistance, our despatch system sends the job to the closest available technician, who accepts it within minutes and provides an estimated time of arrival. The motorist waiting at the roadside then receives a tracking link via SMS so they can see who is coming to help, and get real-time updates on the location and ETA of the technician, providing peace of mind in an often-stressful situation. Once the technician has completed helping the motorist at the roadside, all necessary photos and signatures are captured and uploaded on the spot, providing ultra-efficient and cost-effective service. From the motorists’ perspective, this all adds up to a far better customer experience.

2020 Provider Excellence Awards Leader Board

At the half-way mark through the year we crunched the numbers to see which Provider organisations are currently in strong contention to take out the honours for the Best Provider awards.

Congratulations to the following Providers, who are currently the top three for each of the state-based Best Provider categories, and for the national Best Mystery Shop Provider.

If you don’t see your name on the list, don’t worry. There’s still time! This leader board is based on performance from January – June. With 6 more months of the year to factor in, you can still get your business to the top of the charts.




  • Newcastle Roadside Assistance
  • Roadside Mechanical Assist
  • Roll On Automotive


  • Alliance Towing Mittagong
  • BF Towing
  • Penrith Towing Service



  • All Hours Roadside Service & batteries
  • Brisbane Auto Assist Pty Ltd
  • Brisbane Roadside Assist


  • A Black Towing
  • Burdekin Motors Group
  • J & I Ziebarth Gatton



  • Ballarat Towing Service Station
  • Blackstock Auto


  • Ocean Grove Automotive
  • South Coast Auto Services
  • Springfields Garage / Ballan Absolute Towing Specialists



  • Bunbury Busselton Towing
  • Mandurah Towing Service
  • Ultra Roadside Assist


  • Allout Towing Services
  • Minshull Mechanical Repairs
  • Westerberg Panel Beaters


  • Canbra Pty Ltd Mobile Battery Service
  • Tasmanian Roadside Assistance


  • Brisbane Auto Assist