End of year celebrations and awards 2023

Congratulations to our outstanding achievers at Digicall Assist this year, reflecting the Sydney Christmas lunch awards and the QLD Team event in Brisbane during November (including Reece Scott, Sam English, Doug Djenic).  

Thanks to all for your efforts during 2023, with a special nod to these experts in premium call centre experiences.

Shooting Stars

Jack Turner

  • Reliable in the face of adversity; dependable to a fault
  • Brightens the day of others in the office with laughter
  • Onboards new team members and upskills existing members of the crew  

Matt Holliday

  • He keeps the speed to action our software system as a priority
  • Open to discussing system operation ideas / fixes in the most efficient way possible 

Team Leader of the Year 2023

Jolie Villareal

Jolie has grown in our business after starting out as an Operator in roadside to an SME and then a Team Leader. Earlier this year Jolie has taken on a new challenge as the Team Leader of Customer Assistance and Customer Care. Jolie has gone from strength to strength over the last 12 months and brought some structure to our Customer Assistance and Customer Care teams as well as some light heartedness, which is critically important for these teams.

She’s a proative, driven, determined, and focused Leader, working towards defined goals in our business.

Employee of the Year 2023

Kristi Ortega

Taking out employee of the month 5 times so far in 2023, Kristi is a focused and dedicated Operator who is always looking for the best way to help her customers. Working tirelessly with her Team Leader, chasing her results and driving consistent improvements.

Thanks for the huge energy and effort levels in our business this year!