The customer overview of Roadside Assistance programs

Australia has a lot of vehicles on the road! We’re a nation used to our own personal and private transport solutions. Vehicles owned when compared with citizens in the country is relatively high compared to other locations around the World. In Australia it is estimated that there are more than 21 million registered vehicles. 

An unreliable vehicle or one that fails on the road can often come at the most inconvenient of moments; on the way to a sports game, family event, work or a job interview. Each driver is likely to be a passenger or driving when they require assistance at the roadside during their time behind the wheel. To add peace of mind and solve problems while decreasing the time your vehicle is out of action, roadside assistance programs are used. 

Roadside assistance programs help drivers by offering a service. They are often supplied directly by your car insurance brand. A common example is listed below, similar to the service that Digicall Assist proudly provides to brands such as Youi, AAMI and Suncorp.

How it works 

  • You’re put in touch with a person in a call centre or automated and internet enabled solution to understand where you’ve broken down, what the problem is likely to be and the type of help you need 
  • Safety is paramount at the roadside. If your emergency involves children, animals please let the call centre contact know at the start of the call. Avoid hazardous situations such as passing traffic 
  • The problem is diagnosed or fixed over the phone OR 
  • A roadside assistance provider is dispatched to help with your vehicle 
  • Stay with your vehicle once the case has been logged 
  • Allow the experts to arrive and help by getting you moving again, using their expertise 

What does my program normally include? 

Digicall Assist gets you moving 24/7 and as soon as possible as a standard policy benefit pending your level of insurance policy coverage – often included with comprehensive cover. This service is a dedicated emergency roadside assistance service if the car breaks down or is immobilized. Find the details at your insurer’s website landing page or call their dedicated roadside assistance phone number if you require help. 

  • Flat batteries 
  • Flat tyres 
  • Emergency fuel 
  • Vehicle towing 
  • Lost or locked keys 
  • Caravan and trailer assistance 
  • Bogged vehicles 
  • Taxi 

Digicall Assist prides itself on a customer journey that results in efficient and helpful roadside assistance for your vehicle. We want to get you moving again, as quickly and safely as possible. See our 4.8 / 5 star Google ranking from over 1,200 reviews as testament to our service track record.