Going the extra mile

A Premium Customer Service Story

An empowered and proactive frontline customer service team

A customer of one of Digicall Assist’s premium insurance clients required assistance after they had incorrectly filled their diesel vehicle with unleaded fuel. This  immobilises the vehicle and, unfortunately,  is not something that can be fixed on the roadside as the fuel tank needs to be drained. 

While this is generally not an incident that is covered by Roadside Assistance, our agent determined that the customer and his wife were elderly and were a long way from their home. The operator decided to offer coverage of the incident under the policy as a gesture of goodwill.

Handling with care

Digicall Assist dispatched one of our preferred providers via our industry leading dispatch system. The job was accepted quickly by the provider and they proceeded to the customer’s location.

Our operator, who had been in constant contact with the customer throughout the case, spoke to the provider to let them know that the driver was fragile and upset at the situation. The operator also mentioned that couple were concerned they would not be able to find somewhere to stay at such short notice at an affordable price.

How our roadside provider network delivers

Our provider then offered use of his guest cottage at no cost whilst the vehicle was repaired. This offer of kindness was very gratefully accepted by the customer. The vehicle was fixed early the following morning, and the customer was back on their journey.

The impact this had on the customer is almost immeasurable however the customer has been a member of the Roadside Assistance ever since and likely to continue purchasing this coverage. 

Most customers never need to use their roadside assistance but when they do and receive service like this it creates customers for life.

Digicall Assist’s close relationship with our independent provider network creates and promotes situations like this. We have staff members dedicated to the management of our network to ensure coverage Australia wide.