Four reasons why B2B roadside assistance is right for your business

B2B roadside assistance, also known as wholesale roadside assistance, is when a specialist business provides roadside assist services on behalf of other organisations, such as insurance groups or automotive brands. That way, end motorists with a roadside assist policy receive the very best service in the event of a breakdown.

With customer expectations around speed and digital interactions changing, and with the aging of cars on the road, it’s increasingly essential that roadside assist policy providers partner with a B2B specialist. Here are the top four business outcomes you’ll see.

1. An extension of your business.

Roadside assist is becoming more popular with customers – if you’re an insurer, fleet manager or OEM, you need to offer it. And it’s becoming more competitive and innovative, so you need to do it well. The addition of new market entrants like Woolworths Roadside Assist is an example of how motorists’ choices are expanding. Additionally, for car manufacturers, the free warranty (including roadside assist) on new vehicles is increasingly up from three years to five years, putting more pressure on the need for roadside assistance excellence.

Partnering with a specialist means you can provide roadside assist to your customers with confidence, extending the breadth of your services and remaining competitive. Roadside assist specialists have custom technology, streamlined processes, and the widest coverage across the country, which all add to the best customer experience for the most cost-effective price. It’s far superior to what any individual insurer or OEM could hope to provide without outsourcing.

2. Customer experience and brand immersion at the roadside.  

A B2B roadside assist specialist extends your brand to the roadside. Let’s say you’re an automotive brand – KIA for example. Often your direct interactions with your customer finish at the dealership, when your customer drives out in their new car. But when your customer breaks down and they call you for assistance and then get great help, it’s another touchpoint, and another opportunity for your customer to experience your brand.

The roadside assist interaction creates a connection between your customer and your brand that’s meaningful and personal.

Anecdotal evidence shows that customers who use their roadside assist service are more likely to stay with that brand. This adds up to offering roadside assistance being a no-brainer for most businesses – it’s a cost-effective way to add value for your customers and value to your bottom line.

3. Specialised services tailored to your customer needs.

Roadside assist can come in all shapes and sizes. The most basic might include services such as short-distance towing, and roadside vehicle repairs like replacing flat batteries and tyres. But that’s just the beginning. A wholesale roadside assist specialist can provide much more, such as arranging hire cars or accommodation for stranded drivers – tailored services that suit your customers.

More importantly, a wholesale roadside assist partner has invested in the technology that underpins the customer experience, such as technician live-tracking, and customer self-help apps that are integrated with the contact centre and dispatch systems.

Digicall Assist’s ‘InQ-IQ’ app is an example of how we have developed an innovative, digital solution that empowers motorists at the roadside to help get them back on the road faster. Our multi-lingual self-help app is another example of a specialised service for brands who have a significant customer base whose primary language isn’t English.

4. A business partner, not a competitor.

The best B2B roadside assist specialist is one that supports your business and doesn’t compete with it.

For example, Digicall Assist doesn’t sell retail roadside assist policies, or in fact sell anything at all. We have no commercial interest in our clients’ customers once they’re towed or mobilised. Our focus is purely on supporting your brand. We’re your eyes and ears and hands – providing roadside assist services that your customers expect and deserve.

If your business is looking to partner with a wholesale roadside assist specialist that supports you to build deeper relationships with your customers, we’d love to chat. Digicall Assist has over 17 years of industry experience. We’re driving roadside assistance forward for Australia.