Multi-lingual roadside assistance self-help app

Digicall Assist offers a unique multi-lingual roadside assistance self-help app. The easy-to-use app gives motorists with limited English the confidence that if they experience any issues with their car, they can get assistance in their own language. The app provides leading car brands, fleet managers and insurance companies the opportunity to extend their customer experience to the roadside.

The inaugural edition of the self-help app is in English, Italian and Simple Chinese. The app facilitates communication between Italian, Cantonese and Mandarin speaking customers and the assistance provider via set questions and answers. This allows customers even with limited motoring experience or car knowledge to be able to communicate the issue they are experiencing, which leads to a less stressful experience and faster resolution of any issue. This means services are more cost-effective, motorists are back on the road faster, and ultimately have a better branded customer experience.

The app is a ready-made digital solution that increases your innovation footprint and drives traffic to your website. This means there’s no technology or development investment required for your business to realise the benefits. Custom-branded to your business, the app can be integrated with your website or other digital presence to improve customer experience and brand loyalty.

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“We’re passionate about creating exceptional experiences, which is why we’re delighted to offer this world-first to our Australian customers.”

Maserati Australia COO, Glen Sealey

Key features

  • Designed for leading car brands, fleet managers and insurance companies that offer roadside assistance
  • Easy-to-use client-branded app for motorists with limited English
  • Set questions and answers in both English and other languages to quickly identify and communicate who the driver is, what type of car they are driving, and the issue they are experiencing.
  • Automatic detection of the motorist’s location

Key benefits

  • Leading-edge branded customer experience
  • More cost-effective roadside assistance
  • Motorists are back on the road faster 
  • Ready-made digital solution that increases your innovation footprint and drives traffic to your website

How does it work?

Multi-lingual app Step 1

Step 1

What language?
Open the app and choose your language (English, Simple Chinese, Italian)

Step 2

What’s the problem?
Choose the type of problem you’re experiencing, and take a photo of the issue

Step 3

Where are you?
Your location is automatically detected, or you can type in your address

Step 4

How can we contact you?
Enter your details

Step 5

What are you driving?
Choose your car make and model

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