Digital intelligence for smarter roadside assist

Since late 2020 we’ve been supporting our clients with the ultimate digital customer journey.

As part of an ambitious digital transformation project, our cloud-based contact centre system and integrated roadside intelligence technology have shifted the goalposts in roadside assistance.

Great use of technology to get map location before the phone was answered. Friendly people on phone and mechanic who came out. Very good at keeping me informed when waiting. Thank you. Jordan G, Customer.

What is InQ-IQ?

Digicall Assist’s custom-built ‘InQ-IQ’ solution uses digital intelligence at the roadside to geo-locate customers, capture key vehicle information, and seamlessly integrate that with our contact centre solution.

This allows support to begin as soon as a motorist calls for assistance, whilst still in the call queue.
InQ-IQ also overcomes one of the most significant challenges that we face when assisting customers: knowing where they are.

How does it work?

This delivers an enhanced customer experience, shorter call times, and faster help to get customer on the road again.

The feature that was used to exactly pinpoint my location and had options for me to directly take a photo of where I was, made the process clear and smoother for myself and my technician that came out. The customer service was excellent. Ashley C, Customer.

Why is geolocation important?

Customers often don’t know exactly where they are when their car breaks down, e.g. they may be on a freeway and can’t see which exit they’re near, in a remote area with no signs or landmarks, or travelling in unfamiliar areas.

Without geolocation, customers need to use Google Maps or otherwise try and identify their location – often a time-consuming, difficult process – which can result in technicians dispatched to the wrong place.

With geolocation, we can automatically and accurately identify a customer’s location, saving time and stress, to get the right help out quickly.

Roadside Intelligence Key Features

  • Commences whilst customer is in the call queue
  • Easy-to-use client-branded app
  • Drop-down list of common vehicle issues
  • Photo capture capability to identify vehicle and show issue
  • Automatic geolocation
  • Integration with contact centre system

What’s powering inQ-IQ?

Digicall Assist’s Genesys Cloud contact centre solution is an enterprise-grade system has a wide range of out-of-the-box capabilities, as well as an API-first architecture that enable us to develop custom integrations, including InQ-IQ.

Roadside Intelligence Benefits

  • Geolocation of the motorist. We’re able to detect motorists’ location within a few metres, saving time and stress, to get the right help out quickly.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words’. The submitted photos bring benefits in addition to the geolocation feature. For example, we can identify if the vehicle has a ‘lock nut’ anti-theft device, which requires a specific tool to unlock it, that not all roadside assist technicians carry. Seeing this means we can send the appropriate service. The photos support us to make the correct diagnosis for the best service.
  • Seamless integration. All information submitted by the customer is integrated with our contact centre system and seen instantly by the person answering the call. This means the customer policy and vehicle is correctly identified, and any photos provide valuable information to assist diagnosis.
  • Back on the road faster. Having all the information instantly available when the call is answered means the customer can be helped even faster – either mobilised over the phone within minutes, or the right technician dispatched to the right location.
  • Claims referrals. Using the submitted photos we can identify if an accident has taken place and refer customers to the right solution, e.g. their insurer’s Claims department or a smash repairer. This saves time, money and frustration for customers when they’ve called roadside assist instead of Claims, which helps us build our clients’ brands.

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