COVID-19: Roadside assistance when it’s not business as usual

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact many aspects of business and life across Australia. In response, Digicall Assist has adjusted how we provide services to our customers. What hasn’t changed are our service standards and mission to ensure that everyone is able to move safely, effectively and efficiently during these challenging times.

Digicall Assist’s number one priority remains the health and safety of our employees, Provider network, and our clients’ customers at the roadside. We’re taking extra precautions to ensure everyone remains safe:

  • The majority of our workforce is working from home, and remains capable to deliver service 24/7/365. To date there has been no disruption to service.
  • We have noticed a change in call patterns and callouts off the back of changes in regulations and guidelines. We have noticed over the last few months an increase in battery and mobilisation requests, and call volume varies slightly off the back in changes in health regulations and ability / non ability for customers to move around.  We continue to monitor call volumes and request types on a daily basis and adjust staffing and rostering in order to ensure minimal disruption to service.
  • We are working with our Provider network to ensure compliance with state health guidelines at all times and ensuring the observation of social distancing guidelines. As a result of recent changes in both NSW and VIC we are not currently able to transport customers in vehicles or tow trucks.
  • We’re asking customers who contact us for assistance to let us know if they are at risk of the virus or in quarantine, so we can manage the provision of assistance whilst ensuring our network remains informed and safe.
  • Please be aware that, for everyone’s safety, we are unable to provide immediate roadside assistance for customers who are in quarantine or are restricted in movement due to state health guidelines. In this event, we continue to case manage the callout in order to ensure that service is delivered in accordance with guidelines and everyone remains safe.

We certainly recognise and understand that these are challenging times and the situation changes at short notice and on a frequent basis.

We continue to closely monitor the situation, follow the advice of authorities, assess the impact and adjust operational guidelines where necessary, to ensure that we continue to provide the level of expertise and service to which our clients have become accustomed.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to our Chief Operating Officer, Duncan Hardie.