Premium Customer Assistance You Can Trust

At Digicall Assist, we understand that customer service can make or break your business. That’s why we provide responsive, professional and dedicated services by experienced and dedicated customer service experts. We deal with all matters professionally and according to your policies to create positive outcomes in every situation. Based in Sydney, we serve clients via our outsourced call centre service across Australia and New Zealand.


Our Australian based highly skilled team provide 24/7 support for:

  • First Line of Response – Digicall Assist is always available to respond quickly to urgent issues. Our emergency response services ensure the right customer experience.
  • Consumer Hotlines – Our locally based, highly trained team can respond to complex consumer enquiries, including pharmaceutical products, consumables, FMCG and electrical products.
  • Crisis Hotlines/Emergency Response Service – Digicall Assist can quickly get up to speed and take calls when your organisation needs to respond to a crisis.
  • Virtual Reception Services – Digicall Assist can help you create a great first impression by acting as your dedicated Virtual Receptionist.
  • Marketing Campaigns – Digicall Assist can manage your enquiry line during times of high-demand drive by marketing and advertising campaigns.

Customer service heroes

Our contact center operators and our service providers out on the road are helping motorists everyday who are often stressed, vulnerable and sometimes in danger. Their mission is to keep them safe.

What happens when a passenger gets locked in a car?

“My one year old was locked in the car. The service I received was exceptional. They actioned my request immediately and kept me updated every few minutes to notify me where the service provider was and called to follow up afterwards to make sure everything was OK” – Happy customer


What makes a brilliant roadside assistance service provider?

“Our providers can face a number of things when they’re out on the road. They could be on the side of a dangerous motorway where they’re trying to block traffic to make sure that the customer is safe. It can be pouring down with rain or boiling hot, and they still turn up with a smile on their face and do the job.” – Luke Laurence, Provider Network Manager

The humanity at the heart of roadside assistance

When a motorist finds themselves in a breakdown situation, our innovative technology and operations allow us to take swift action and get them on their way again. But it’s the people on our phones and at the roadside that truly make the Digicall Assist difference. Nothing replaces the care shown by our customer service agents and roadside technicians. It’s this human touch that creates a better customer experience and turns a breakdown into something that’s memorable for the right reasons.

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