The humanity at the heart of roadside assistance

When a motorist finds themselves in a breakdown situation, our innovative technology and operations allow us to take swift action and get them on their way again. But it’s the people on our phones and at the roadside that truly make the Digicall Assist difference. No system — no matter how streamlined or advanced — replaces the care shown by our customer service agents and roadside technicians. It’s this human touch that creates a better customer experience and turns a breakdown into something that’s memorable for the right reasons.

Here, we look at the humanity that’s at the heart of roadside assistance. 

Distress calls

It’s often in the most challenging situations that humanity shines through the most. An example is when a distress call comes in – such as a child is locked in a vehicle, with an extremely upset parent on the other end of the phone.

Rebecca Goss looks after our customer service team, shift supervisors, and learning and development team. This means she has a front-row seat to the kindness our staff members show our end customers every day, particularly during a distress call. “When this happens, all hands are on deck. We get service providers off other jobs to make sure that we get that child out of the vehicle as quickly as we can.” Our staff go above and beyond to ensure our customers feel safe and looked after during these challenging times. “Our people call that customer every few minutes to make sure that the child is still okay and if required, we also engage triple zero.”

This compassion extends to within the Digicall Assist team too. “Our culture at Digicall Assist is one of the most amazing things that we have,” Rebecca says. “When any of our agents has a difficult call, there’s always somebody there to say, ‘Are you okay?’ or to help out.”

At the roadside

When a customer has broken down on the side of the road, it can be quite a stressful situation. Digicall Assist has a network of 1300+ towing and roadside mechanical providers across Australia and New Zealand, who come to motorists’ aid. It makes all the difference to the motorist for providers to turn up with a smile and a friendly attitude. Luke Laurence is Digicall Assist’s network provider manager. When it comes to partnering with providers, empathy is the number one quality Luke looks for, as well as a willingness to go above and beyond. “Our providers need to be available 24/7, and be happy to pick up the phone at three o’clock in the morning, go out in the middle of nowhere, and pick up a customer.”

“We really take our providers relationships seriously and we’re here to look after them as much as they are here to look after our customers”, Luke says.

Humanity meet business

With our mission to deliver the very highest level of service and care to our clients and their customers, humanity and technology go hand-in-hand. As Digicall Assist CEO, Michael Curtin gets a true birds-eye view of the humanity that sets us apart. It’s not just about treating people with care during a breakdown, but ensuring that integrity, respect and excellence are built-in across our systems, in our culture and how we represent our clients’ brands. “We’ve invested in the technology and we’ve got the right people. But at the end of the day, the important thing is that we’re here to help,” Michael says. “That’s what drives us as a business and it drives my team every day.”

This genuine desire to make a difference touches every aspect of the business. By providing exceptional customer experience to their customers, we support our clients – such as insurance companies and car manufacturers – to build their brand.

Passion and expertise

Many of our customer service agents have an automotive background. A mechanic and auto electrician by trade, Mark Civin is part of our team. His automobile knowledge is invaluable when it comes to mobilising customers over the phone – one third are back on the road within minutes. But ultimately, it’s a genuine passion for helping people that drives everything he does — as with all our customer service consultants. “I love helping” Mark says. “I love thinking outside the square and getting someone out of a sticky situation.” Mark takes a lot of pride in the fact that Digicall Assist’s customer service consultants handle every aspect of the assistance process with diligence. “We put a lot of care into it,” says Mark. This starts right from the initial call. “We take the time to start at the very beginning and get everything correct before that job gets dispatched, so that the motorist gets the right help,” Mark says

Want to experience the Digicall Assist difference for yourself? Contact Geoff Ohlsen at Digicall Assist to understand how we can support you with B2B2C roadside assistance.