What makes a world-class roadside assistance provider?

Being a world-class roadside assistance provider goes far beyond simply having solid motor vehicle expertise. Customer service, adaptability and safety compliance are other essential attributes. The providers – such as mechanics and towing services – are on the frontline of roadside assistance, dealing with broken-down motorists face to face. They are often the final step in getting the car safely back on the road again. For this reason, it’s important that they build on the positive customer service experience initiated by our customer care agents.

As Digicall Assist’s Provider Network Manager, Luke Laurence looks after over 1300 roadside assistance providers across Australia and New Zealand. Here he outlines the key qualities that Digicall Assist looks for in its provider community.

The right attitude

Car breakdowns are unpredictable — they can happen at any time, in any place and in any conditions. A great roadside assistance provider is flexible, adaptable and willing to go above and beyond, no matter the circumstance.

This begins with being responsive to calls from our dispatch staff. “I look for a provider who’s available 24/7, and who’s quite happy to pick up the phone at three o’clock in the morning, and go out and assist a customer,” says Luke.

This can-do attitude must extend to the roadside, too. “We need someone to turn up there with a smile on their face,” says Luke. This means staying positive and patient in rain, hail or shine — conditions that our roadside assistance providers often contend with. “It can be pouring, or it could be boiling hot, and they’ve still got to turn up to that customer and be happy to be there,” says Luke.

Similarly, communication is key. “It’s important that the provider tells the customer what they’re doing and why they’re doing it,” adds Luke. This goes a long way to helping motorists understand what’s happening, and creating a positive experience.


Diagnosing, repairing and mobilising vehicles can be tricky — and sometimes risky. Our roadside assistance providers get up close and personal with heavy machinery, often in busy traffic conditions. For this reason, they must be able to stay calm, confident and compliant under pressure. “They could be on the side of a dangerous motorway where they’re trying to block traffic,” says Luke. “Our providers’ main goal is to keep themselves safe and the customer safe at the side of the road.”

Compliance must start at the top of our partner’s organisation and be embraced by all. “I need to make sure that our provider organisations are looking after their employees,” says Luke, “We have stringent requirements when it comes to safety. It’s essential that all providers follow the right procedures, have a health and safety plan, and provide training to their staff on a regular basis.”

A team mentality

Our providers liaise not only with the customers at the roadside, but also with Digicall Assist customer service staff in dispatch. So, it’s essential that they operate as one united team. “The approach we have with our provider network is that of a pure partnership – we’re in this together,” says Luke. This means building camaraderie and a true human connection.

“We want them to think, ‘If I don’t pick this call up, I’m actually not just letting Digicall Assist down, I’m letting Luke down’”, says Luke. “So, we partner with providers who are committed to a true relationship.”

Of course, this strong partnership is a two-way street, and it requires open and honest communication. “We really take our providers relationships seriously. We’re here to look after them as much as they are here to look after our customers,” says Luke. “So, we’re committed to making sure it’s an open relationship, where they can come back to us with any feedback. We are always evolving to improve the experience for our clients, broken-down motorists, as well as our extensive roadside assistance provider network.”

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