What happens when a passenger gets locked in a car?

Whether it’s a breakdown or a busted tyre, every person needing roadside assistance gets prioritised help. However, when a passenger’s health or safety is at risk – such as when a young child or pet is locked in a car – extra measures swing into action.

The scenario of a passenger locked in a car can quickly take a wrong turn, especially if it’s a hot day or the child or pet is distressed. When we receive calls of this nature, we pull out all the stops to resolve the situation as quickly as humanly possible.

The Digicall Assist team recently demonstrated just how swiftly we act in these situations, when a customer’s one-year-old son was locked in the car.

“The service I received was exceptional,” the parent said. “They actioned my request immediately and kept me updated every few minutes to notify me where the service provider was and called to follow up after to make sure everything was okay.”

How does Digicall Assist help in a lock-in situation?

When Digicall Assist is contacted about a lock-in, the call is escalated immediately so our management team is aware, and actively monitors the situation. We despatch our closest service provider from our extensive national network. If they are not within minutes of arriving, we also contact other more local service providers if they can get there more quickly than the technician we already have on the way.

Lock-ins aren’t a one-size-fits-all situation, so we are dedicated to finding the fastest and most appropriate resolution for broken down motorists taking into account location, environment and vehicle type. In situations such as extremely hot days or where the passenger is particularly distressed, we may choose to engage emergency services.  Once on scene, the emergency services can determine if they need to gain entry immediately by force or wait for our provider to arrive on scene. Either way, a professional will be at the motorist’s side to help.

We know how stressful these situations can be, so we stay in constant contact to keep the motorist updated on what’s happening. We also check in afterwards to make sure they’re OK.

Thanks to Digicall Assist, lock-ins don’t have to be a crisis. We’ll always do whatever it takes to get your child or pet safely back in your arms.