Premium Customer Assistance You Can Trust

Our Australian based highly skilled team provide 24/7 support for:

  • First Line of Response – Digicall Assist can be relied upon to be available and to be able to respond quickly when an urgent issue needs to be dealt with.
  • Consumer Hotlines – Our locally based, highly trained team can respond to complex consumer enquiries from pharmaceutical products, to consumables, FMCG and electrical products.
  • Crisis Hotlines/Emergency Response Service – Digicall Assist can quickly get up to speed and take calls when your organisation needs to respond to a crisis.
  • Virtual Reception Services – Digicall Assist can help you create a great first impression by acting as your dedicated Virtual Receptionist.
  • Marketing Campaigns – During times of high-demand drive by marketing and advertising campaigns Digicall Assist can manage your enquiry line for short-term requirements.

Trusted by Market Leaders: