Digicall Assist Employee Engagement Survey results and process

Digicall Assist recently conducted an open and transparent internal audit of our employee engagement and satisfaction for 2023. Maximising team member happiness at work and interest in their roles as well as likelihood to recommend our brand to others as a place of work is vital in the premium call centre business.

The Digicall Assist business recognizes that growth, teamwork and achieving goals as a Group, is all about people that are engaged by their role and interactions with others. Performance and culture are improved through relationships.

Results have been shared with team members internally and are overwhelmingly positive, both for the long-term trend of our employee experience at the company over the 3 years the survey has run and against peer benchmarks.

  • 54 questions
  • 84% completion rate
  • Categories included Organisation Vision and Values, Purpose and Pride, Team Engagement, Your Manager, Our Leadership Team, Diversity/Inclusion/Equal Opportunity, Job Fit, Development & Growth, Rewards, Recognition, Work/Life Balance and Systems & Processes
  • ‘Our organisation has strong core values that all employees uphold’. Similar result to last year but up 10% on the benchmark
  • ‘Our organisation has a strong focus on the satisfaction of our customers’. 8% above benchmarked levels
  • ‘How likely is it that you would recommend this organisation as a place to work?’ Our score this year was up 8% vs 2022 and sits 31% above the benchmarked average
  • ‘Overall, I am satisfied with my job’. A 5% improvement on last year and 12% above the benchmark
  • ‘My manager addresses poor performance in my team’. A 6% improvement on last year and 14% above the benchmark
  • ‘Our leadership team uphold our organisational values’. Up 3% in the last year and 13% above averages
  • ‘There is an effective process in place to assess my performance’. Up 3% and 12% above average
  • ‘I have access to the tools, equipment and technology I need to do my job well’. Up 11% on benchmarked averages
  • ‘Our organisation has effective communication strategies in place to ensure people are kept informed’. A 7% improvement on last year and 11% above the benchmark

The powerful data and knowledge gained from this survey will be used to push Digicall Assist to even loftier heights of employee satisfaction. For the rare negatives, feedback is being implemented to improve scoring and employee outcomes during 2024.

Congratulations to the Digicall Assist Team for their efforts in making our company a more energetic, driven, focused and enjoyable place to work.