Club 4X4 partners with Digicall Assist to launch specialised roadside assistance

Club 4X4 has partnered with Digicall Assist to roll out a specialised roadside assistance service designed to cater to the 4X4 enthusiast, in a multi-year agreement announced this month.

Club 4X4 offers insurance to customers with 4X4 vehicles, camper trailers, caravans, slide-on campers, and 5th wheelers. With a customer base that typically likes to travel off-road to remote areas with highly modified vehicles, it was critical for Club 4X4 to partner with a roadside assistance provider who has breadth in coverage area and can accommodate its customers’ unique requirements. 

The new roadside assist package includes a suite of additional benefits for Club 4X4’s customers, tripling the potential tow distance, with the maximum now 150km. It also includes a weight increase, allowing towing of vehicles up to 4.5T GVM, and additionally a trailer under 4T can be included in the tow.

Kalen Ziflian, General Manager at Club 4X4 said the new package is aligned to their customers’ expectations. “As a brand Club 4X4 has always challenged the norm to provide customers with a product that is valuable to their specific requirements. In fact, our customers told us that they were concerned about the allowable distance and weight limits across our old product and that of the general market. With this partnership, we have been able to extend our willingness to provide a tailored product into our Roadside Assistance offering too. We’re thankful to have found a partner in Digicall Assist who were willing to work with us to meet our customer needs at a price that offers strong value.”

Michael Curtin, Digicall Assist CEO, said Digicall Assist was delighted to partner with Club 4X4, and that the agreement demonstrated the importance of a tailored partnership, to enable the right kind of customer experience at the roadside.

“We worked closely with Club 4X4 to develop a roadside assist package that not only meets its customers’ niche needs but includes innovative geo-location to quickly get the right assistance to broken-down motorists, no matter how remote they may be, and provides peace of mind with technician live-tracking.”

Kalen said they chose Digicall Assist also because of its sophisticated roadside assist technology.

“For Club 4X4, the benefits are clear. The data and analytics capabilities provided by Digicall Assist’s platform give us the metrics needed to offer customers a custom roadside program, with real-time insights into service utilisation and experience.”

The new roadside assistance product, called ‘Roadside Plus’, is available on new and renewing policies. Existing Club 4X4 customers are able to upgrade their policy mid-term at a pro-rata rate.