Award-winning roadside assist innovation

Digicall Assist’s digital roadside assist technology has been recognised as a finalist in three prestigious awards that celebrate customer experience excellence. Dubbed ‘InQ-IQ’, our innovative roadside intelligence solution delivers more personalised and accurate assistance with greater peace of mind, to get motorists back on the roader faster. And it’s capturing the attention of CX judges across Australia.

Digicall Assist typically plays behind the scenes, so that our clients’ brands shine at the roadside. To support our clients’ roadside assist policy holders even better, we’ve been transforming the customer experience at the roadside. We’ve invested in developing ground-breaking solutions that meet changing customer expectations around speed, personalisation, and transparency.

Late in 2020 we launched ‘InQ-IQ’, which uses digital intelligence at the roadside to complement the assistance customers receive from our contact centre agents and roadside technicians. InQ-IQ geo-locates customers, captures key vehicle information, and seamlessly integrates that with our contact centre and dispatch systems. This allows support to begin as soon as a motorist calls for assistance, whilst still in the call queue. It also overcomes one of the most significant challenges that we face when assisting customers: knowing where they are.

It’s a human-centred approach to a digital customer experience.

Ever broken down on the side of the road, trying to figure out where you are and explain your location to the roadside assistance person on the end of the phone? Imagine if the person answering your call knew EXACTLY where you are before they even said hello. How much time and stress would that save you?!

This year so far, our roadside intelligence solution InQ-IQ has been recognised as a finalist for the following awards:

We’ll find out in coming weeks if we’re crowned the winner.

It’s been a huge team effort to get to this point, building on many years of experience working with our clients across the insurance, OEM and fleet management sectors. We know what our clients need, what their customers want, and we’re proud to be making a significant difference in roadside assist customer experience.

In-IQ is part of Digicall Assist’s overall approach that gives our clients the opportunity to provide their customers with a differentiated experience. If your business is looking to partner with a wholesale roadside assist specialist that supports you to build deeper relationships with your customers, let’s talk. We’re driving roadside assistance forward for Australia.