Technology & Innovation

Roadside assistance is an increasingly sophisticated tech operation.

We continue to invest in technology that allows us to meet customers’ growing expectations about service and experience, and that enables us to deliver significant contributions to our clients’ brands – such as via white-labelled mobile web application – and to their bottom line via data and business insights.

We invest in these technologies so our clients don’t have to.

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Features & Benefits

  • Sophisticated contact centre and national dispatch systems
  • Auto geolocation of broken-down motorists
  • White-labelled mobile web applications for motorists (client-branded)
  • Tailored client data & reporting for better business decision-making
  • Live-tracking of assistance provider for motorists
  • Multi-language self-help app for motorists
  • Ultra efficient operations
Technology & Innovation

Tangible benefits

From the motorists’ perspective, the tech adds up to a far better customer experience. It starts from the moment they call in to our sophisticated contact center. Auto geolocation and live-tracking the assistance on the way are other ways our technology helps the motorist.

For our clients, the technology behind the scenes delivers tangible benefits such as an improved net promoter score, a higher renewal rate on insurance policies, and more insightful business decision-making.

Technology & Innovation

Automatic geo-location

In some cases, motorists don’t know where they are. We use an app to get the geolocation from their smartphone and know exactly where we need to send help.

Technology & Innovation


Once a motorist has called in, our dispatch system notifies the closest available technician. They accept the job and provide an estimated time of arrival within minutes. The motorist waiting at the roadside then receives a tracking link via SMS so they can see who is coming to help, and get real-time updates on the location and ETA of the technician. This provides peace of mind in an often-stressful situation.

Innovative roadside assistance

Digicall Assist has developed a unique self-help multi-lingual roadside assistance app. With 1 in 5 Australians speaking a language other than English, the app bypasses language barriers so motorists can easily communicate the issue they are having and get help.

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