When Roadside Assistance Plays A Critical Role

Recently the Digicall Assist contact centre and roadside assistance teams played a critical role in achieving a positive outcome during a distressing and potentially very dangerous situation.

In February 2018, during peak hour traffic the contact centre team received a call from a distressed mother who had inadvertently locked her baby in her car with her keys inside during peak hour on one of Sydney’s busiest roads, Mowbray Road, Lane Cove.

Our contact centre agent could hear a very distressed baby crying in the background and promptly arranged for emergency services to be contacted. Simultaneously roadside assistance was despatched and our roadside assistance provider battled peak hour traffic down Pacific Highway through Chatswood to attend as quickly and legally as possible.

When the roadside assistance provider arrived, the Fire Brigade and Ambulance Service were already on the scene and were attempting to access the vehicle with an air wedge and rod.

Our roadside assistance provider quickly took over and with lock picks had accessed the vehicle within around five minutes.

The child was then retrieved from the vehicle and checked over by the ambulance staff.

We applaud our empowered and proactive frontline contact centre staff and roadside assistance provider who, working together were able to effectively play a key role in resolving the situation.

The Digicall Assist team also followed up post the incident to ensure the customer was ok and offer any additional support.