Supporting the Fatality Free Friday campaign by the Australian Road Safety Foundation

Road safety is an issue close to our hearts. That’s why Digicall Assist supports the Australian Road Safety Foundation (ARSF) and the Fatality Free Friday campaign, a national community-based road safety program aimed at having a fatality free Friday and creating longer term community change. In the lead up to Fatality Free Friday on 29 May 2020, ARSF has released a report showing that despite lower traffic volumes and congestion across the country, Australians are taking extra risks on the roads.

Research reveals alarming increase in road risks

The ARSF’s annual research report shows one in four drivers admit to taking increased road risks since the implementation of Covid-19 lockdowns. Some of the report’s alarming findings confirmed that speeding is already the most common road rule broken, with two in three Australian drivers admitting to being heavy footed. In Covid-19 lockdown conditions, this dangerous driving act has increased by 17 per cent. The most common risks being taken during Covid-19 after speeding include using a mobile phone behind the wheel (9% higher), running a red light or stop sign (5% increase), or driving after a few drinks (3% spike).

Suncorp Insurance is one of the country’s largest insurers and ARSF’s founding partner, as well as one of Digicall Assist’s long-term clients. Suncorp Insurance CEO Gary Dransfield said, “People may believe getting behind the wheel is safer at the moment with less cars on the road, but our claims research from 2015 – 2019 shows approximately 30% of accidents occur in the driver’s own postcode.”

ARSF founder and CEO Russell White said “For every road death, another 35 Australians are hospitalised. Don’t let a split second decision change your or someone else’s life forever.”

Take the pledge

Digicall Assist supports the ARSF in asking everyone to take the Fatality Free Friday road safety pledge. The pledge asks motorists driving on Friday 29 May, to promise to always be fit to drive, stay focused on the road, scan the road ahead, keep a safe distance, and drive to suit the conditions.

We’ve taken the pledge, and we encourage you to too. You can take the pledge here: