Roadside Assistance and COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a handy summary of FAQs and answers for all things roadside assistance related while the COVID-19 restrictions are in place.

Q. Is roadside assistance, including towing, an essential service?

Yes. Roadside assistance and towing are essential services. It’s important to keep people moving and not have anyone stuck at the roadside.

Q. How should a mechanic or tow truck operator practise social distancing when assisting at the roadside?

All Digicall Assist technicians are keeping 1.5 metres from customers. This means they won’t shake customers’ hands or take keys, for example. They will ask customers to stay in the car if safe to do so, and attempt to start the car if appropriate.

Q. What precautions are technicians making to minimise the risk of spreading the virus?

Technicians are taking extra cleaning and hygiene precautions, such as using hand sanitiser before and after each job, and using anti-germ wipes when in contact with customers’ vehicles. These practices also continue at depots and other workplaces. For example, tow truck operators are also ensuring working closely with depots to ensure only one person unloads vehicles.

Q. Do technicians have to wear face masks?

No. Government guidelines recommend that technicians don’t wear face masks.

Q. Do tow truck operators have to take passengers in their vehicles?

Technicians do not have to take passengers in their trucks, for example if the broken-down car needs to be towed. Motorists should use a local taxi company to get home.

Q. How do I sign to say the job is complete?

Normally customers would sign on the technician’s mobile device to acknowledge the job is complete. For now, the technician will take photos on scene of the vehicle and the area that was worked on. 

Q. How is Digicall Assist protecting its staff?

Starting in mid-March the majority of our contact centre staff started working from home. The investments we’ve made in technology mean that we can continue supporting our customers and despatching jobs to our nation-wide network. We’re also supporting our staff with regular virtual team meetings and engagement, and other activities to support wellbeing, teamwork and ongoing customer care.