Meet The Team – Annaleise, Digicall Assist Shift Supervisor

Meet Annaleise, one of Digicall Assist’s Shift Supervisors and a rising star in our team.

Annaleise was quickly recognised as a very caring person who would be great at overseeing our shifts and ensuring our staff and customers get the care they need.

How long have you been working at Digicall Assist?

I’ve been at Digicall Assist for a year. I’ve been in this role since January. Prior to this role I was a customer service operator. Since I started at Digicall Assist there’s been quite a lot of growth so I was fortunate to be promoted quite quickly.

What do you do?

Day to day I make sure the shift runs smoothly. I manage the staff, make sure they adhere to their schedule and are mentally sound.

Working in a call centre where we deal with people who are broken down and distressed can mean that people are stressed and can make an operator’s job quite challenging. My job is to look after the wellbeing of the team and also the customers. I monitor the calls to make sure the customer isn’t on the phone for too long as the customer is already stressed due to the situation, they don’t want to be on the phone for any longer than they have to.

I make sure the operators ask the right questions to meet the customers’ needs and expectations. I provide direction to our operators to ensure they control the call correctly and avoid unnecessary issues arising. We also look after the stats to ensure we’re working at our optimum level.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Helping the staff. I love sharing my knowledge and customer service skills with the team and helping them grow their own customer service capabilities. I love the feeling of fulfillment when a customer takes time out of their day to call back to provide positive feedback after we have helped them out of a sticky situation.  It shows that our hard work pays off.

What’s been the most rewarding experience whilst working at Digicall Assist?

Originally, I was sceptical to the idea of the shift supervisor role as I hadn’t really had much experience in management and didn’t think it would be the right thing for me. The management here really wanted me to do it because they thought I would be good at it. They really encouraged me and internally promoted me in a short time. A lot of other companies don’t give you the opportunity to grow that quickly. I’ve surprised myself about how much I enjoy it and how capable I am at it. I surprise myself every day!

What are you famous for?

Always looking out for people and caring for their needs. If someone’s upset I’m there, finding out what’s wrong and helping them.