Digicall Assist Innovates Recruitment Process With First Assessment Centre

Recently Digicall Assist ran an “Assessment centre”, trialling a new way of recruiting staff for our contact centre.  The assessment centre was held on Saturday 3rd March, 10am at the new Digicall Assist offices in Rhodes.

The assessment centre helped our management team see candidates in action, and allowed candidates to see the space in which they would potentially be working and meet some key employees.

The Assessment centre consisted of a group exercise which would show the candidates learning and working style and their strengths and preferences (i.e. if they prefer structure, open environment, rules, if they think outside the box and so on). We also asked candidates to participate in a mock phone call to show their phone handling ability and customer service skills. They also had a short panel interview.

After reviewing all the applicants who applied, ensuring they covered essential criteria, we then invited selected applicants to attend the assessment centre. On arrival Michael Curtin, Digicall Assist CEO conducted an official welcome and giving a brief overview/history of the company and introduced the team. Each candidate was then given an individual schedule. Some went straight to their group activity while the others were being interviewed, completing their mock call or meeting with other members of the team.

The response to our first assessment was overwhelmingly positive with strong interest from our advertisement converting to a great attendance rate.

In a recent survey by Employment Review magazine more than nine out of ten employers using assessment centres believe they are a ‘very effective’ or ‘fairly effective’ means of selecting staff.

The survey, which used a sample of HR practitioners in over 90 organisations, found that more than half believe the often-considerable costs of assessment centres are justified. As human resources are frequently one of the highest overheads of an organisation and the training of their personnel is a significant expense modern employers want to ensure they get the ‘best fit’ employee for their considerable investment.

Digicall Assist were really pleased with the results of their first assessment centre and look forward to welcoming new team members as a result.   The team at Digicall Assist benefit from working for a company that is growing at a rapid rate providing career progression opportunities, training and career development support training.

As candidates who participated in the assessment centre would have seen, Digicall Assist also offer a social and fun environment. The offices are new and funky with a good break out area, there’s great benefits such as the gym and a great team of people to work with.

The assessment centre was arranged, applicants screened and the schedule completed by Playbook Coaching, a company dedicated to improving business outcomes through leadership coaching, alternative recruitment methods and development paths.