Digicall Assist helps couple in search and rescue mission

A Premium Customer Service Story

Digicall Assist were recently involved in a search and rescue mission of a couple stranded in a national park in NSW.

Our contact centre was the first point of contact for Bert and Elizabeth (* Not their real names), who found themselves lost and stranded having driven off-road in a remote national park while searching for a special lookout.

 The couple contacted Digicall Assist after finding the roadside assistance number in the glove box of their vehicle. Whilst it was discovered that the couple did not have a policy in the system, our call operator quickly realised that the motorist was in real distress and sprang into action.

Our operator contacted one of our local towing partners, who in turn to spoke with the driver directly. During this time, our operator continued to stay in touch.  Unfortunately, our towing partner advised that they would not be able to attend given the remote location and, a decision was made to contact Emergency Services.

Our operator contacted the motorist and provided contact details for the SES and later followed up directly with the SES to ensure that the motorist had been in contact. We also provided then last known location by latitude and longitude.

Due to the difficult nature of the search, the motorist and his wife were not located and rescued until approximately 48 hours after first making contact with Digicall Assist.

Our operator continued to follow up and keep in touch with the motorist pre and post rescue providing emotional support and care during a difficult situation where the couple were stranded without food or water.

At Digicall Assist we truly love helping people and provide genuine care and support on behalf of our clients to their customers.