Emergency Roadside Assistance in Australia and New Zealand

Digicall Assist is a premium independent provider of Roadside Assistance across Australia and New Zealand.

We provide roadside assistance on behalf of premium automotive manufacturers, leading fleet management and major insurance groups.

Digicall Assist is not affiliated with any particular vehicle manufacturer, insurer, motoring club or automobile association.

As we’re part of the Digicall Group in South Africa, our clients benefit from the infrastructure, experience and network capabilities to meet your needs.

Roadside assistance explained

Better CX For Your Customers

Digicall Assist CEO Michael Curtin shares how we deliver an even better brand experience for our clients

Watch how Digicall Assist gets motorists going again with a seamless customer experience.

Digicall Assist CEO Michael Curtin explains how our clients benefit from innovative technology that delivers a better customer experience and better business results

“We are very conscious that people’s expectations of their customer experience are evolving and it’s important that we change with that. We invest in these technologies so our clients don’t have to.”
– Michael Curtin, Digicall Assist CEO

Digicall Assist Contact Centre manager Rebecca Goss explains how we embed humanity at the heart of roadside assistance

“One of the most amazing things about what we do in comparison to others is we have technicians on the phone who have moved from the tools onto an agent role. These technicians are able to mobilise these vehicles over the phone, meaning that the customer doesn’t have to wait for a service provider to get to them. Customers are mobilised within five minutes and back on the road.”
– Rebecca Goss, Contact Centre Manager

Digicall Assist’s Network Provider Manager Luke Laurence outlines the key attributes of our extensive service provider network and how they help ensure better customer experience

“We have 1300+ Providers that cover every nook and cranny of Australia and New Zealand.”
– Luke Laurence, Provider Network Manager

Digicall Assist’s Customer Service Technician Mark Cividin outlines how his mechanical background helps deliver a better customer experience

“I love helping. I’m a motor mechanic by trade. Having myself, a tradesman, and a lot of other tradesmen on the floor, certainly makes everything flow a lot better for the best service for the customer.”
– Mark Cividin, Customer Service Technician