Expert insurance assistance across Australia and New Zealand

At Digicall Assist, we provide bespoke solutions to our insurance clients customised to fit the needs of your policy holders.  We are trusted by the largest personal automotive insurance brand across Australia and have demonstrated proven results in growing policy retention rates.

Digicall Assist in addition to roadside assistance also have expertise in a number of other Insurance Services including:

Home Assistance for Insurers

Digicall Assist has access to extensive expertise in providing home assistance directly to consumers on behalf of their insurer through the greater Digicall Group.

Each month the Digicall Group processes:

  • 14,000 Home Policy Holder Claims
  • 10,000 Hot Water and Plumbing Claims
  • 2,000 Electrical/mechanical breakdowns and incident management claims

Claims Administration

Digicall Assist can be your trusted first port of call for customers requiring help with:

  • First Notification of Loss – Digicall Assist can act as the first point of call for claims notification and assist with minimising internal costs and claims.
  • Incident Management – Digicall Assist is experienced in incident management and call overflow handling including disaster recovery assistance.
  • Emergency Assistance – Digicall Assist can manage and orchestrate emergency assistance services on your behalf.
  • Supplier appointment and management – Via our ever expanding independent provider network Digicall Assist can appoint, manage and provide end to end case management for claims and dispatched services.

Customer Relationships

Digicall Assist have a unique insight and understanding of what customers expect from their Insurance provider.  We help you strengthen your relationships through:

  • Data capture and analysis – Digicall Assist has what we believe to be the most advanced dispatch system in the market and can provide detailed profiles on how customers use services.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys and management – Digicall Assist currently operates text based and outbound call surveys for incidents and we can manage bespoke client specific programs.
  • Dedicated client and supplier portals – Our systems allow us to easily set up and mobilise viewing gateways and portal access for our partners.

Independent Roadside Support for Insurers

Digicall Assist is truly independent. We do not have any affiliation with or ownership by any insurance company.  Therefore our sole focus is your relationship with your policy holders.  We provide 100 percent independent roadside assistance.  As an insurer, you can rest assured when you use Digicall Assist as your Roadside Assistance Partner that your relationship with your clients is secure and protected.  We provide a seamless brand experience to your clients when they need help, supporting you in maintaining strong and trusted relationships when your client is in need.

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