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A National Provider Network

Our commitment to excellence is supported by an impressive Australia-wide network of independent, quality providers for roadside assistance.

Ensuring Excellence

Our carefully curated network has grown over many years to ensure excellence in customer experience. The network is actively managed by a dedicated team in Sydney, who:

  • Ensure the responsiveness of all our services
  • Recruit new service providers 
  • Manage compliance requirements to ensure the quality and presentation of each provider is in line with our expectations
  • Communicate regularly with our network

Digicall Assist recognizes our most outstanding roadside assistance providers across Australia through our annual Provider Excellence Awards. Learn more about how we celebrate the best performers and those who best support Digicall Assist mission to deliver exceptional customer experience.

Roadside Assist, From Our Providers’ Perspective

Roadside Technician, James from Southern Cross Roadside Assistance, shares what he loves about roadside assistance

Bespoke Solutions

Digicall Assist uses an advanced compliance and dispatch system to deliver bespoke solutions.This cutting-edge system manages all interactions with our supply network and ensures we:

  • Dispatch the most appropriate service based on the customer’s situation
  • Can quickly locate a customer in remote and metro areas using geo-location
  • Get to the customer in the shortest possible time-frame
  • Help our head office team maintain up-to-date, real-time communication throughout the process.

Best in Class Systems

Digicall Assist’s point of difference is that we recruit and establish a group of dedicated providers to meet your specific needs. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

Your dedicated group may include a preferred accident or repairer network for a manufacturer or a group of franchises for a dealer network.

We are able to mobilise a specialised team very quickly, thanks to our excellent relationships with all our providers, and our in-depth knowledge of their skills and strengths.

Join our Network

We’re always on the lookout for talented roadside assist businesses, including mechanics and towing operators, to join our national network of Providers. Check out the benefits of being part of our national network, and complete the form to request to join.

Questions and answers for Providers

We’ve got all your questions covered. Check out the Provider ‘Frequently Asked Questionshere on the website, or download the FAQs PDF.