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At Digicall Assist, we’re dedicated to enhancing your business success through the provision of quality roadside assistance and customer services. Based in New South Wales, our team provides reliable and responsive services to your customers across the Australasia region. Find out how Digicall Assist has improved the business operations of clients around Australia and New Zealand. Read our case studies below to learn more.

How Digicall Assist helped a car manufacturer handle a major incident

The Challenge

Our client, a major importer of new vehicles into Australia, found themselves implicated in a major regulatory breach.

Whilst our client had done their due diligence – and received written confirmation that the vehicle was compliant with all Australian standards and regulations -it was later found that this was not the case, and a number of gaskets in specific models were identified to have contained asbestos.

The Solution

A full risk assessment was completed by an independent safety consultant appointed by our client, who identified the risk to drivers and passengers as negligible.

As the provider of Roadside and Customer Assistance Digicall Assist immediately:

  • Rolled out contingency plans to handle the increased call volumes.
  • Provided our operators with information to ensure they were able to assist concerned customers and other members of the public in the best way possible.
  • This included training provided by the independent safety consultant.
  • Set up additional reporting and feedback to the client so they had an additional source of information back into their business from the customers directly on how this incident had impacted the brand from a public relations standpoint.

The Results

Approximately 25,000 vehicles were directly affected, but many more owners required reassurance.

The issue was widely covered in mainstream media, which highly concerned both current and previous owners, and this further increased call volumes.

This led to an increase in the number of inbound telephone calls by approximately 1,000% for the first 3 weeks.

The nature of the issue meant some very emotional calls, and we worked with our team to manage these appropriately.

Digicall Assist was in constant contact with our client, the authorized repair network, and the
regulator, to ensure that the affected vehicles were rectified, and that owners were reassured.

Digicall Assist also managed scheduling the large volumes of repairs in each facility, subject to parts availability and the workshop workload.

We continued to respond to subsequent owners of affected vehicles to either confirm rectification had been completed, or advise on the next step in the process.

Digicall Assist prides itself on being there when our clients and partners need us. We were founded by the world’s largest Medical and Security provider and because of that we understand timing is crucial. We can mobilise quickly when incidents occur that have the potential to damage our customer’s reputation.